Advance Defence Systems

Due to the various individual requirements of our customers, Britton Maritime Systems has developed systematic skills which allows us to have access to opportunities as so we can meet these individual needs of our customers. With over 29 years of experience in the maritime industry, stretching over various areas including Defence, Emergency Rescue, Law Enforcement, Tactical Operations, Mine Warfare and much more, we have gained exceptional knowledge and acumen for understanding engineering and mechanical systems in which we can use to design, build and supply specialised products and services. Understanding the nature of military, law enforcement and commercial environments, provides us with the ability to design solutions for our customers to they can achieve the highest level of efficiency for their specific maritime operations.

In 2011, Britton Marine Systems was selected by the Rapid Prototyping Development and Evaluation agency ( Dept of Defence) to participate in the design and integration of a Remus 600 Launch and Recovery System (LARS)on to one its Mark Ellis designed 7.6 metre aluminium jet boats.  This was effected on time and on budget and resulted in an effective LARS for the Remus 600 UUV.

Our team of highly skilled engineers and technicians are able to provide you with personal modified equipment for vessels as to suit individual needs. Ranging from speciliased electronics and radio communications up to launch and recovery systems and unmanned remote controlled vessels. Having access to this niche service from our team, will assist you in achieving operational efficiency of your craft to meet your organisations goals. Our company also has the capabilities for specialised technical writing for operator, maintenance and training manuals and safety management systems, see our training page for further information on this.