Britton Maritime Systems prides itself on its ability to provide an array of marine craft and specialised products including underwater navigation and noise cancellation, suited for our customers’ requirements.

Gemini Vessels

Britton Maritime has a long standing relationship with Gemini Marine South Africa in supplying specialised inflatable and foam collared RHIBs to Defence, Law Enforcement and Commercial users. Facing the southern Atlantic Ocean from a home port of Cape Town, South Africa, Gemini Inflatables were first created in 1979 under the toughest conditions. Today, the Gemini range is regarded as the most innovative range of military inflatables and RIBs.
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Mark Ellis Vessels

The partnership between Western Australian designer Mark Ellis and New South Wales builder Britton Marine is one that can be well described as a perfect fit. Mark Ellis is renowned as the designer of some of the best hull forms in the world while Britton Maritime, a specialist builder of tactical, security response and boarding vessels, is a leading integrator of such designs, providing not only a high quality of build but also being able to incorporate their own expertise for vital vessel components such as command consoles and seating.
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435 aluminium Jabiru

Rescue Response and Flood Vessels

In support of the various rescue organisations in Australia, Britton Maritime provide a range of aluminium boats ranging from 3 to 5 metres in length, especially for emergency response, flood and rescue use. We also offer an inflatable range of boats for rescue use from the small 4 metre to the larger 7.5 metre rhib. These vessels are purposely built to withstand the environment in which they operate in. Flooded waters can often pose unforeseeable risks, which may cause damaged to vessels hull and collars. Our range of vessels incorporate heavy duty hull construction including foam collar with protection rubber to mitigate any possible damage caused by floating debris.
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Naval and Marine Salvage Pumps

A fire on board a ship, particularly a ship at sea, is a serious threat to life and property. Because an onboard fire is capable of disrupting the ship’s fire fighting, pumping, cooling and electrical systems, there exists a need for a self-powered pump which is adapt to draw water from the sea, from up to 7 metres below, to put out the fire. The requirement also exists for such pumps which are portable in the sense that they may be moved from place to place aboard the ship. Accordingly, such pumps must be compact and light weight.
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Shark Marine Underwater Navigator

The Shark Navigator Underwater Navigation and Integrated Sonar System (UNIS) has been procured by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) to provide an underwater navigation and search capability for the RAN’s Clearance Diving element in support of general underwater search activities as well as MineCountermeasures (MCM) and underwater Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD).
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TruLink Communication

Telephonics’ TruLink® wireless intercommunication system enhances communications and increases operator safety where mobility and clear communications are critical for operations. The most versatile fullduplex wireless intercom in the world today, TruLink operates reliably in high noise environments and provides resistance to shock, vibration, moisture, sand, dust and extreme temperatures.
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Vessel Arrest Launcher

Tactical Equipment

Britton Maritime supply a range of specliased tactical equipment for Defence, law enforcement, rescue and commercial operations.
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