Naval and Marine Salvage Pumps

Britton Maritime manufactures their own range of Diesel Fire and Salvage Pumps, the FSP36 large diesel pump for naval ships, YDP20MH for smaller marine application and the YDP20AD air deliverable pump.

A fire on board a ship, particularly a ship at sea, is a serious threat to life and property. Because an onboard fire is capable of disrupting the ship’s fire fighting, pumping, cooling and electrical systems, there exists a need for a self-powered pump which is adapt to draw water from the sea, from up to 7 metres below, to put out the fire. The requirement also exists for such pumps which are portable in the sense that they may be moved from place to place aboard the ship. Accordingly, such pumps must be compact and light weight.

Pumps may be powered by petrol engines but diesel powered pumps comply with various maritime and naval regulations. Diesel motors are generally bulky and heavy. Accordingly, these requirements for power, compactness, weight, reliability in marine environments and versatility have been achieved with the FSP36 Fire Fighting and Salvage Pump.


The FSP36 fully complies with all military specifications introduced specifically for Fire Defence and Safety. The FSP36 has successfully passed stringent Military specification tests carried out by Australian Defence Science Technology Organisation (DSTO) and the Royal Australian Navy. The FSP36 is working towards being certified ’Germanischer Lloyd Certification’ (GL) for the Anzac Class Frigates. The engine is a water cooled marine grade diesel engine, which for a portable pump is to our knowledge a world first. Being water cooled the FSP36 does not have the dangers of overheating as in an air cooled engine.

FSP36 Diesel Fire Pump



The YDP20MH is the smaller of BMS’ diesel fire pumps. This portable-style pump is based on a vertical 4-cycle, air cooled Yanmar diesel engine with a self-priming centrifugal pump making the YDP20MH capable of pumping a maximum of 500 litres (132.1 U.S GAL.) per minute.

This pump is used extensively for military and commercial applications, such as off shore drilling rigs and ocean bound yachts and is currently the only unit with DNV certification.

For more information on the YDP20MH, please download our YDP20MH Brochure below.

YDP20MH Brochure


The YDP20AD is capable of air delivery from airplanes or helicopters. The pump is fitted into a special heavy duty canister complete with hose kit and fittings to enable it to be delivered to ships and vessels in distress. This pump is currently in use with Australian Maritime and Safety Authority ( AMSA). For more information please download our YDP20AD brochure below.

YDP20AD Brochure